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    coming!Canton Fair,Global Share

    廣交會,被譽為“中國第一展”、“外貿晴雨表”,也是眾多外貿企業開拓新市場、獲取新訂單的重要平臺。第127屆廣交會主題口號為“廣交云上、互利天下”(Canton Fair,Global Share),既闡釋了廣交會“廣交互利通天下”的品牌價值,也傳遞了本屆廣交會搬上云端、全球連線、云上往來的特點。

    The Canton Fair is known as "China Number One Exhibition" and "Foreign Trade Barometer". It is also an important platform for many foreign trade companies to explore new markets and obtain new orders. The theme slogan of the 127th Canton Fair is "Canton Fair, Global Share", which not only explains the Canton fair brand value of "Make a lot of friends in the world and make mutual benefit to World", but also conveys that the feature of Canton Fair moving to the cloud network linking the world. 

    東正順應新的貿易形式及全球趨勢,將亮相本次線上廣交會機械/大型機械及設備,2.1L40展位, 向全世界展示東正的品牌魅力和產品實力。

    Donjoy Technoloy follow new trends, will attend this online Canton Fair Machinery/Large Machinery and Equipment, booth number 2.1L40, to show Donjoy’s brand charm and product strength to the world.


    Donjoy Online Canton fair link:https://ex.cantonfair.org.cn/pc/zh/exhibitor/4ab00000-005f-5254-1cab-08d7ed794621


    The live content includes the introduction of the company's product basic knowledge, as well as the product lines, etc. The applicable industry fields include bio-pharmaceuticals, dairy products, food and beverage, wine, water treatment, energy, semiconductors, fine chemicals, detergents and so on. Donjoy sincerely invites customers to watch our online trade show, our colleagues are looking forward to interactive Q&A with you.


    More exciting content will be presented after the official opening of the online Canton Fair. Date from 15th to 24th June, Donjoy will see you all!